I've been making websites professionally since 2000.

In my work, I quickly understood that it's not enough for a website or app to just look good and have great usability — that's the baseline. But if that doesn't help the business succeed, what's the point?

A business succeeds when its customers succeed. As a Product Designer, it is my job to make sure the product delivers value to both customers and stakeholders.

For customers, research-based solutions that make it easy and enjoyable for them to achieve their goals. For stakeholders, data-based interventions that make it possible to measure success and achieve business goals.

My process is iterative, relying heavily on data, experimenting, and collaboration. Analyze -> Ideate -> Test -> Repeat until the desired outcome is realized.

I have a BTech in Software Development and years of experience in Frontend Development, Ruby on Rails, and QA, so I'm comfortable interfacing with developers and familiar with the technical layers, stages, and challenges of building software, particularly in fast-paced Agile environments.

My professional interests include Systems Thinking, Front-end Development, Functional Programming, No-Code, SEO, Marketing, and Data Science.

Personal interests include ✍🏻 writing, 🏛️ architecture, 📽️ old films, 🚀 science fiction, 🕵🏻‍♂️ detective fiction, 🌿 natural living, and 🤔 philosophy.

I'm from Brazil and live in Rio de Janeiro with my beautiful wife, a kick-ass product manager and sourdough baker. We make a great team in every way.